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Crowns and Bridges in Houston, Texas

Count on reliable tooth repair and replacement from Anne Chee, DDS.

Crowns and bridges have been used by dentists for decades to reliably and comfortably restore excellent oral function and health when extensive damage has been done. Crowns are used to repair damaged teeth, while fixed bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Because Dr. Anne Chee has studied cosmetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, she’s well-versed in providing not only strong and function dental restorations at our Houston dental office, but beautiful ones as well.

A crown can be used to correct a number of problems, including:

Crowns also hold fixed bridges in place, offering a non-removable tooth replacement option that looks natural but is non-surgical (unlike dental implants).

Crowns and bridges can be made from beautiful porcelain – no need to worry about metal restorations that will mess up your beautiful smile! Porcelain looks a lot like natural tooth enamel, so crowns and bridges made from that material will blend with your remaining smile. No one has to know you’ve had dental work done, and you can feel confident that your dental restorations will provide you with a gorgeous, functional smile for years to come.

People often come to our Houston dental office seeking crowns when they experience tooth pain or sensitivity. To schedule a checkup and discover if you need crowns or a dental bridge, contact us. Our west Houston dental office serves Katy, Sugar Land, and beyond, helping families experience better living through beautiful dentistry.

10260 Westheimer, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77042 USA
Dr. Anna Chee Dr. Chee and the team at our Houston dental office take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience and friendly, knowledgeable service. We will take the time to listen and create a completely custom treatment plan that helps you meet excellent standards of health as well as your personal smile goals. (713) 789-9800