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Lumineers in Houston, TX

Lumineers are a dental product that resolve smile imperfections and improve the overall look of teeth. Although they are similar to porcelain veneers, they do have differences that make Lumineers the preferred choice for many dental patients. The advantage that Lumineers have over porcelain veneers has to do with their thinness, translucency, and long-lasting nature. These qualities make them durable enough to last 20 years or more, and look natural. Whether you have chipped, stained, or crooked teeth, Lumineers can be an effective method to improving your smile.

Enhancing the smiles of Houston residents with Lumineers

As a cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, Dr. Anne Chee has been using Lumineers as a method of resolving imperfections in the teeth of her patients since 1988. She and her staff are dedicated to informing patients about all aspects of the procedure so they are comfortable and know what to expect.

The Lumineers procedure

The procedure itself involves two visits to Dr. Chee's office. On the first visit, a mold will be taken of your teeth to determine the proper shade of white that will work best for you. The custom set of Lumineers will then be created and ready to be placed on your teeth during your second visit! As you can see, the process of getting Lumineers is painless and easy.

Don't hesitate to take the next step to a better smile with Lumineers! For any questions that you may have, or to set up a consultation, contact Dr. Chee at 713-789-9800.

10260 Westheimer, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77042 USA
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