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Restorative Dentistry in Houston, Texas

For true total health, beauty, and function, visit Dr. Anne Chee for smile rehabilitation.

Do you ever think about just how much your teeth go through every single day? There’s constant pressure, changes in temperature, and bacteria, to name just a few! These things can cause damage, and this damage can threaten the overall health, function, and appearance of your smile. Thankfully, restorative dentistry offers solutions when damage or disease occurs. Dr. Anne Chee offers a variety of restorative options at our Houston dental office, and because she’s studied at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, she can not only repair your smile, but improve upon it as well.

Restorative dental care services include:

Cavities, tooth infections, extensive decay, chipped or fractured teeth, and missing teeth are all problems addressed by restorative dentistry. Using natural-looking materials, we can craft dental restorations (fillings, crowns, and replacement teeth) that look like part of your natural smile. You no longer have to worry that metal restorative dentistry will mar your appearance!

During dental checkups, Dr. Chee can make recommendations about possible restorative treatments you might need. Some clues that you might need a restorative service performed include tooth pain or a noticeable increase in sensitivity; if you notice these symptoms, it can signal a fracture, an extensive cavity, or an infected tooth. Regular exams can help Dr. Chee diagnose such problems much earlier on, before chronic pain or sensitivity become a problem.

To make an appointment with Dr. Chee, contact our office. We’re located on the west side of Houston, convenient for patients in Katy and Sugar Land, and patients come to our office from surrounding communities because they know they can expect a high level of care from our team. You can expect the same at your next visit to Anne Chee, DDS!

10260 Westheimer, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77042 USA
Dr. Anna Chee Dr. Chee and the team at our Houston dental office take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience and friendly, knowledgeable service. We will take the time to listen and create a completely custom treatment plan that helps you meet excellent standards of health as well as your personal smile goals. (713) 789-9800